Fantasy Conflict - fresh look at the game

5 November 2012

"The combination of a great control interface, fun ground combat, and magic makes this game standout against other strategy games for the iPad and iPhone. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a lot of fun as well, with intuitive RTS gameplay and a well implemented magic feature." -

In this game we tried to find a blance between combat, magic and fun - to make it really exciting for the players.

"The game gets even more interesting when magic is involved for both you and your opponent. In one of the levels, the enemy kept throwing fire spells at my main base burning my soldiers alive and killing most of them." -

The world of Fantasy Conflict is full of craftiness and petty tyranny but at the same time Dwarf's tricks and the King's decrees can't make you stop laughing.

"The game’s story is basic, but it compliments the action rather well. Told through humorous slides and text snippets, you’re privy to the story of a kingdom named Baldoria where a king has overslept and he’s angry because of it. Seriously. It may not sound like much, but it’s the type of offbeat humor that fits perfectly with the game’s design." -

We hope you'll enjoy the game. To read full reviewes you can HERE.

"The excellent Fantasy Conflict effortlessly falls in the latter camp, and approached as a puzzle game with a ridiculous amount of content the game should easily find its way onto your wish list." -


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