Gaijin Entertainment’s Dance Magic Comes to North American PSN on January 8

3 January 2013

In this high-energy motion game, good moves are the best weapon!

Gaijin Entertainment is announcing that Dance Magic - a new, high-energy motion game for PlayStation 3 - is on the verge of release. Starting January 8, North American players will be able to buy Dance Magic from the PlayStation Network.

There’s no question that motion is a sign of life. In Dance Magic, all of the Earth’s people are not only dancers, but also warriors fighting for peace. The people have developed Dance Magic, a new form of biological energy that can be realized only by dancing. It has become the world’s most powerful weapon, capable of incredible good as well as incredible evil. Just imagine what would happen this technology fell into the wrong hands…

It’s time to put Dance Magic to the test! A powerful dancer plans to use Dance Magic to take over the planet. People will die and the power of dance will be used to destroy, not to heal. Now you and your friends can take part in the most important dance-off—to save the planet and the human race!

To save the world, an entire arsenal is at your service. The game comes with more than 20 musical tracks, plus you can purchase new songs for your personal track-list from the PlayStation Store. Dance Magic has seven diverse dance styles, characters whose accessories provide special abilities during dancing duels, and various playing modes including a campaign mode. And PlayStation Move support provides an even more genuine dancing experience.

Dance Magic will be available for purchase from the PlayStation Network.




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