25 April 2012 Fresh Press on Star Conflict

Most interesting pieces of press for your pleasure. Read to know fresh facts about Star Conflict!

19 April 2012 Star Conflict: The second official trailer

Star Conflict is glad to reveal the second official trailer created up to Beta Launch especially for our English-speaking community.

11 April 2012 Star Conflict: Closed beta-test had started on the eve of World Cosmonautics Day

On the eve of World Cosmonautics Day Gaijin Entertainment is especially glad to announce the launch of the long awaited closed beta test for Star Conflict, an upcoming game developed by Star Gem, Inc that decided to present users with an in-game gift.

1 April 2012 Flight simulator of the new age is coming

Today we reveal first official details about our new MMO project that is currently in development. The working title of this game is Star Thunder.

30 March 2012 War Thunder Closed Beta Test Has Begun

Gaijin Entertainment, developer and publisher of War Thunder, is pleased to announce the start of the closed beta test for their upcoming combat MMO game.

26 March 2012 Pile of fresh press on Blades of Time!

Blades of Time keeps winning new fans by suprsing players with Time Rewind feature and beautiful but quite aggressive Ayumi.

21 March 2012 Birds of Steel Demo for Xbox360 is Available

Demo version of our Birds of Steel aviasimulator has been recently released on Xbox Live Marketplace. Feel free to check it out today

17 March 2012 War Thunder. Luftwaffe Release Tree

The highly anticipated tech tree of Luftwaffe planes featuring in War Thunder is ready. Several types of fighters and bombers listed in the table make a pretty large collection of 109 German aircraft including modifications

16 March 2012 Some freshly written articles on Blades of Time

Keep abreast of what's going on in the gaming world!


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