15 March 2012 Blades of Time: European release!

From March, 15 Blades of Time is available for European gamers!

12 March 2012 IGN: Birds of Steel is the editors choice!

Gaijin really could not have done much more to enable you to play indefinitely. The exceedingly powerful mission editor means the lifespan of this game is entirely up to you.

11 March 2012 Steam: Star Conflict & War Thunder

New communities for fans of 'Gaijin Entertainment's MMO-projects are availabe in Steam.

11 March 2012 War Thunder: Release tree of USSR aircraft

Gaijin Entertainment are proud to reveal the release tree of USSR aircraft to be included in our upcoming combat MMO, War Thunder.

6 March 2012 Blades of Time: Released in USA!

Congratulations! Today Blades of Time has become available in USA! Hurry up to play - it's a must have of the year!

21 February 2012 More Previews On Up-coming Console Releases

Here come another two bits of press: previews on Blades of Time and Birds of Steel - realy worth reading!

10 February 2012 New screenshots on Blades of Time!

Hot screenshots for your pleasure!

9 February 2012 Fresh press on Birds of Steel

Some interesting previews for you!

9 February 2012 Pile of fresh press on Blades of Time

Take a look!


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