8 February 2012 How we created locations: true story

Birds of Steel is a unique game because of its historical accuracy. Wanna know how we've made it?

1 February 2012 Star Conflict Approaches Sector “Beta”

Upcoming space-themed massively multiplayer action game enters closed beta test stage.

25 January 2012 Birds of Steel: New Missions Descriptions Added

The story of Birds of Steel battlegrounds continues. The time has come to learn about 2 more missions: Attack on Pearl Harbor and Siege of Malta

24 January 2012 Our Combat MMO Game Expands Its Borders

Gaijin Entertainment, independent developer and publisher is happy to announce new details about their upcoming massive multiplayer online combat flight game.

19 January 2012 Mission Descriptions Revealed at

Today we are presenting two (out of many) locations that will be available in Birds of Steel: Kuban and Midway

13 January 2012 PC Gamer's The Best Games of 2012 List

UK based PC Gamer magazine included War Thunder MMO avia action and Star Conflict space action in their list of The Best Games of 2012

5 January 2012 Special Interview With a Pilot - KaZaam

We are presenting you a new interview with a real and virtual pilot. KaZaam, one of War Thunder Alpha-testers, is actually a military pilot of Ukrainian Air Forces.

24 December 2011 Gaijin Announces War Thunder CBT and a Holiday Sale

Full of bright ideas and actual accomplishments this year is coming to its end. And now when almost everyone is engaged in preparations for holidays we’d like to summarize work that’s has been done at War Thunder project...

24 December 2011 Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

Gaijin Entertainment wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and a healthy & prosperous New Year


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